Samsung adds Amazon Prime Music to its Smart TVs

Samsung has issued an automatic update, which transports support for Amazon Prime Music, as well as a slew of miscellaneous bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations, for select Smart TVs in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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The Prime Music application is available for all the Smart TVs Samsung has launched since 2015, offering users the facility to browse recommendations, view playlists, tune into stations and access their library using either a traditional remote control or the firm’s elusive One Remote.

Prime Video has been listed on Smart Hub for a while now

Prime Music isn’t the only Amazon application available for the firm’s Smart TVs, however. Prime Video has been listed on Samsung’s Smart Hub for quite some time now, with both companies recently announcing that they’ll be working together to expedite the rollout of HDR10 Plus videos.

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