Galaxy Note 8 sales cross one million units in South Korea

The Galaxy Note 8 has been very well received in Samsung’s home country of South Korea. According to a new report, the combined Galaxy Note 8 sales in South Korea have crossed one million units. That’s only a little over a month after the device was released in the country.

It was reported two weeks ago that Galaxy Note 8 sales in South Korea were maintaining the momentum seen after the launch. Samsung was selling around 20,000 units of the handset every single day in its home country.

Galaxy Note 8 Sales In South Korea

Samsung started selling the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea on September 21. It sold more than 800,000 units of the device through pre-orders alone. The pre-order numbers were double than those seen for the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Samsung received some 380,000 pre-orders for last year’s flagship phablet.

Samsung has also announced that it’s launching the Maple Gold color option for the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea. This is apparently in response to Apple’s plans to start local sales of the iPhone 8 later this week.

The handset is currently available in Midnight Black, Orchid Gray and Deep Sea Blue colors in South Korea. The Maple Gold Galaxy Note 8 will be available with 64GB of storage in the country for 1.09 million won or $979.

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