Samsung kicks off its annual OpenSource Conference in South Korea

Samsung has kicked off its annual OpenSource Conference at its Research and Development campus in Ueon-dong, Seoul. The exhibition, which is the largest open-source conference in South Korea, commenced on October 25 and will end on October 26. More than 1,000 developers are said to be in attendance.

A number of influential players, including Cho Sueng-hwan, Vice President of Samsung’s Software Center, took to the stage during the commencement ceremony to educate attendees on not only the importance, development and value of open-source technology, but also the benefits of sharing and collaboration.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Samsung showcased their own platforms

The event was home to more than thirty technical hands-on sessions on open-source applications for artificial intelligence, big data, IoT and security on the opening day, reports Business Korea, with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Naver, SKT and Samsung all showcasing their own open-source platforms.


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