Samsung ranked as the most valuable brand in South Korea

Valuation and strategy consultant Brand Finance has released its list of the top 50 most valuable brands in South Korea. Samsung has been ranked as the most valuable and powerful brand in the country, unsurprisingly. The firm ranks the brands for its Brand Finance South Korea 50 league table by taking into account a variety of factors.

It looks at the marketing investment, sustainability and margins, familiarity, preference and also determines the proportion of the company’s revenue that’s contributed by its brand.

Most Valuable Brand In South Korea

Brand Finance analysts have ranked Samsung at the very top of the list. The company’s brand value is up 12 percent of $51.4 billion, according to the firm. That’s almost five times the value of the second most valuable brand on the list.

Car manufacturer Hyundai is the country’s second most valuable brand. Its brand value has been estimated at $8.8 billion, a 4 percent increase from the previous year.

Samsung Fire & Marine is the second fastest-growing brand in South Korea this year. Its brand value is up 42 percent to $2.7 billion. The surge in brand value is attributed to the company’s impressive performance in 2016.

With the record year that Samsung has been having, it won’t be surprising if its brand value surges even higher in the coming quarters.

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