Samsung could be working on a Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung has been approved a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a Dual Wireless Charging Pad that will—presumably—work in a similar way to the one Apple announced alongside the iPhone X back in September, allowing users to charge their Galaxy- and Gear-branded products simultaneously.

The firm’s Dual Wireless Charging Pad takes advantage of both inductive and resonate modes of wireless charging, which are compliant with the Qi standard, reports Patently Mobile, meaning there shouldn’t be a single Qi-compatible smartphone, tablet or wearable on the market it won’t be able to charge.

Based on the sketches included in the patent filing, the science behind the Dual Wireless Charging Pad is actually pretty simple. There appear to be two coils housed within the unit; both of them support inductive and resonate charging—and the Pad can automatically switch between them when it sees fit.

Dual Wireless Charging Pad to launch alongside the Galaxy S9?

It’s worth mentioning, however, that Samsung is regularly approved patents by the USPTO, but only a small number of them make their way onto the market. That said, we’d bet our bottom dollar that it launches the Dual Wireless Charging Pad alongside the Galaxy S9 to put it in a better position to compete with the iPhone X.


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How when my Gear S3 won’t charge on my S7 edge’s wireless pad ?


Maybe for Gear S4 ?