Never lose your keys again with Samsung’s brand new Connect Tag

Samsung has today taken the wraps of Connect Tag, a simple way to keep track of loved ones and valuables. The Connect Tag, which is the world’s first consumer mobile product to use narrowband network technology, uses low-power networks to send GPS readings back to your smartphone—so if you happen to lose your keys, for example, you’ll be able to find them within a matter of seconds.

Best of all, the Connect Tag is integrated into the firm’s SmartThings ecosystem, working in unison with your smart home appliances. What this means is that it can adopt the role of an NFC chip; you can configure it to turn on/off the lights when you walk past them at predetermined times of the day or—and this one’s my personal favourite—set it to disable the air conditioning when you leave the room.

“Connect Tag features a compact size, measuring just 4.21 centimeters wide and 1.19 centimeters thick, as well as IP68 water and dustproof rating for durability,” says Samsung. “The battery can last for up to seven days on a single charge, minimizing the need to constantly swap out or plug in the device. Connect Tag comes with an exclusive ring that easily attaches to bags, collars or key rings.”

If you’re attending Samsung’s Developer Conference, you can check out the Connect Tag

The technology will be showcased at the Samsung Developer Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California on October 18 through October 19. It will be available to purchase starting in the firm’s home country, South Korea, before expanding to select countries, which likely include the United Kingdom and the United States, in the coming months.

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