Samsung appoints new executive for Bixby 2.0 development

Samsung recently appointed a new executive for the development of Bixby in an effort to enhance the performance of the assistant, which, as The Korea Herald notes, has faced a lackluster response from the market.

The firm confirmed on Thursday that Samsung Research America‚Äôs Vice Chief Chung Eui-suk has been named the Head of its Service Intelligence Group, the team that’s responsible for developing and maintaining Bixby.

Bixby Voice Review: A story of unfulfilled potential

Eui-suk has reportedly been tasked with overseeing the development of Bixby 2.0. The next-generation version of the assistant is expected to be announced at Samsung’s annual Developer Conference on October 18.

It’s unclear what exactly is new in Bixby 2.0, though the firm’s President of Mobile DJ Koh has openly admitted that there’s a lot of room for improvement, hinting towards support for third-party services.

I’m not really a fan of Bixby Voice

As I said in our opinion post, I’m not a fan of Bixby Voice. It’s far too slow for my liking, taking an eternity to process simple requests, so I’m hoping Samsung’s found a way to address that with Bixby 2.0. Fingers crossed.



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Bixby has so much potential but it needs to be refined. They need to speed it up a great deal. I like that is allows for granular control of the phone to a degree that other assistants cannot match.


I gave up on it because it’s so slow. Samsung should just stick to hardware.


It’s not slow you don’t know what the f*** your talking about the only thing that is slow is your head and your Internet.
Don’t get me wrong there’s always room for improvement but is not slow.


I think bixby should work hand in hand with Google assistant. Bixby should do local tasks and assistant should do online tasks!


Its slow when pulling information from the internet, like asking the distance from the sun or something. but for phone control, it is pretty fast, and especially for settings – it can change them quicker than me swiping. Especially like how it can turn on and off my TV. Really hope it supports UK English and 3rd party apps with 2.0 – and definitely needs a more Google assistant style library of answers and searches.


It’s not even a problem. Wikipedia has the knowledge base. The only thing is their collaboration.


I think Bixby has a lot of potential… but I agree with you that it’s way too slow to process….


how tf is it slow? it’s always fast for me. not samsung’s fault you guys have shit internet.