​Samsung is bringing its Cinema LED Display to Thailand

Samsung will install a 10.3-meter-wide 4K Cinema LED Display at the Siam Paragon Cineplex in Bangkok, as part of an overseas supply deal it recently signed with Thai movie theater chain Major Cineplex. It will open in February next year.

Unveiled back in South Korea back in July, Samsung’s Cinema LED Display is an HDR-compatible theater screen that employs next-generation picture quality and enhanced audio to provide the best possible viewing experience.

“Through sharper and more realistic colors, complementary audio and an elevated presentation, our Cinema LED Screen makes viewers feel as if they are part of the picture,” said HS Kim, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

Will Samsung launch its Cinema LED Display in more countries?

It’s unclear whether Samsung is working with other chains to bring its Cinema LED Display to more regions, but seeing as Major Cineplex has 110 cinemas and 668 theaters in Thailand, it may not even need to branch out to make a considerable profit.

That said, like any company, Samsung is looking to make as much money as it possibly can, so we’ll probably see its 4K Cinema LED Display pop up in additional cities in the coming months. Hopefully an expansion to London is on the cards.

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Would be nice to see it in the UK, but Samsung doesn’t have the best record with Europe, so not getting my hopes up!