Samsung’s latest design patents are great, but they’ll probably never see the light of day

Samsung Display has been granted a number of new design patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), reveals Patently Mobile—and they include everything from an automotive steering wheel with integrated displays to a so-called Scrollable TV.

As they aren’t patent applications, but rather design patents, they don’t actually reveal anything about the products. They merely give us an insight into what the firm is working on. Nothing’s confirmed though, so don’t get your hopes up if you see something you like.

Design Patent #1 — Automotive Steering Wheel

Design Patent #2 — Scrollable TV

Design Patent #3 — (Smart?) Wallet

Design Patent #4 — Foldable Smartphone

Design Patent #5 — Foldable Smartphone

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absurd they approved patents like that.
there is nothing new in those designs. there’re a lot of different product who does the same for decades.
just another prove that the patent system is rotten and does the opposite of what it originally intended.


I think Samsung has learnt its lessons. Samsung doesn’t want to be targeted by the biggest patent troll company in the world which is Apple again. It does not matter how ridiculous a patent might sound: Samsung should try to go for it.