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Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset controller spotted at FCC

Recent reports suggest that there’s a Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset in the pipeline. We first heard rumors about a Samsung VR device codenamed Odyssey last year. The new device is going to complement the entry-level Gear VR headset with more powerful technology. It will also mark the departure of Samsung’s partnership with Oculus. Several official-looking renders of this headset were leaked online a few days back.

Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset

There’s no detailed information available as yet about the specifications of the Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset. The renders suggest that it’s going to be a high-end headset with Samsung branding. It will have two cameras for inside-out tracking. Like other Windows Mixed Reality headsets, it may also have six-degree-of-freedom tracking.

The renders also suggested that the headset is going to have integrated headphones made by AKG. That’s likely given that AKG’s parent company, Harman International, is now owned by Samsung. The controllers for this headset were also visible in the leaked renders.

The controllers have been spotted in a partially redacted FCC filing. The FCC has approved a VR controller that looks quite similar to the one we saw in the renders. The product label in the filing describes it as “Samsung HMD Odyssey Controller Left.”

As for when this headset is going to be announced, it’s possible that we might hear more about it next week. Microsoft is due to conduct an event for its Mixed Reality platform so the stage will be set for Samsung to unveil its new headset.

Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset


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