Themes Thursday: Eight new themes worth checking out

Welcome to a new edition of Themes Thursday! We have eight new themes for you today, and we’ve tried to select something for everyone. The first two themes in our list are from designer Binod Kumar Ray, who has published a lot of impressive icon packs, themes, and wallpapers. The RedTailUI theme has Material UI-inspired design and a darker color scheme, while the TrailsUI theme has wavy wallpapers and a brighter color combination.

This week’s list of best themes also consists of two new themes from MINU – Diamond Pink Purple and Diamond Purple Blue – that have wallpapers and backgrounds inspired by diamond shapes. The [Walk On Mars] Orange Web theme has a 3D-esque wallpaper, an AOD wallpaper, and a themed on-screen keyboard. The Duck (AOD) theme pack looks casual and fun due to its AOD wallpaper and the pastel blue color used in its background. The Egypt _MINDON Design and Santorini _MINDON Design themes are inspired by popular tourist destinations.

Have you installed any of these themes? If not, let us know which new theme pack you chose this week.

[Binod] RedTailUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] RedTailUI

[Binod] TrailsUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] TrailsUI

[MINU] Diamond Pink Purple
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [MINU] Diamond Pink Purple

[MINU] Diamond Purple Blue
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [MINU] Diamond Purple Blue

[Walk On Mars] Orange Web
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Walk On Mars] Orange Web

Duck (AOD)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Duck (AOD)

Egypt _MINDON Design
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Egypt _MINDON Design

Santorini _MINDON Design
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Santorini _MINDON Design

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