Yubuy’s app allows Samsung TV owners in Portugal to shop online on the big screen

T-commerce might a new term for most of you; it’s e-commerce for TVs. Samsung smart TV owners in Portugal can now use Yubuy’s app to shop online from their home using the big screen. Fast Yubuy is a Portugal firm that has an expertise in T-commerce, and it has partnered with Samsung to make a cloud-based online shopping app for Tizen-based TVs. The company claims that it aims to bring the most convenient way to shop from a distance.

Yubuy has currently partnered with 21 national and international brands and stores. Users can shop for products and services from A Loja em Casa, Arcádia Chocolates, Bliss Natura, Cinemundo, DeltaQ, Garrafeira Nacional, KIA, Lavazza, LeYa OnLine, noMenu, Odisseias, Ornimundo, PAEZ, Pizza Hut, Prozis, Querido Mudei a Casa Obras, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Sporting Clube de Portugal, Sushi em tua casa, and Telepizza e TOMTOM.

If you were wondering as to how consumers would pay from their TVs, Yubuy offers cash on delivery, credit card, electronic payments, and MB Way options for payments. Miguel Carvalho, CEO of Yubuy, said, ”Partnering with Samsung was crucial to achieving our goal of implementing and operating the T-commerce platform in the domestic market. Now Smart TV consumers can meet their needs for purchasing goods and services in a simple and very convenient way through the Yubuy application.

Yubuy Shopping App Tizen TV

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Yes yes, Portugal was the first to transmit a football game live in VR, you can see a direct concert in Samsung VR,now this… why just why cant Portugal have Samsung PAY already????? is it so difficult ???