Galaxy Note 8 sales top 270,000 units on first weekend

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8 last week in a handful of countries across the globe. The handset was also released in its home country of South Korea. A new report out of the country reveals that Galaxy Note 8 sales crossed 270,000 units on the first weekend.

The initial response to the Galaxy Note 8 had been promising. Samsung was seeing its new flagship handset break pre-order records. That’s just what the doctor ordered after the fiasco that was the Galaxy Note 7.

Industry data from South Korea shows that Galaxy Note 8 sales crossed 270,000 units on the first weekend. The nation’s top three carriers received 200,000 new subscribers for the Galaxy Note 8 on September 15. SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus then received 70,000 additional subscribers the following day.

These 270,000 Galaxy Note 8 sales account for 32 percent of the entire 850,000 pre-order volume that Samsung saw in eight days from September 7. The new flagship’s initial performance is better compared to its predecessors. The Galaxy Note 7 brought in 160,000 new subscribers on its first day. The Galaxy S8 lured in 260,000.

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to continue this momentum in the coming weeks. Analysts don’t see the iPhone 8 making much of a dent in its sales. However, the situation is likely to change when the iPhone X arrives this November.


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Samsung note series has always doing well. exept for the note7. It was Samsung that makes the best choice what to with the note7. Still sure they had make the next note the best note ever.


Please launch a white colour


It will be after Christmas before most people get even a sniff of iPhone X, and S9 will arrive pretty soon afterwards. Given the awful design of iPhone X I reckon it’s going to suffer badly once S9 with super cameras comes out.