After Apple, Samsung will be the biggest beneficiary of the iPhone X

Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone called the iPhone X yesterday. The company says that this device represents the “future of the smartphone.” While that can be debated, Samsung actually stands to gain a lot if the iPhone X ends up performing well in the market.

The iPhone X is Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display. The company has branded it as “Super Retina” and while it made no mention of this during the keynote, it’s sourcing the OLED panel from Samsung.

Apple actually has no choice in the matter. Samsung is the only supplier that can produce high-quality OLED panels that fit Apple’s requirements. It has an 89 percent share in the OLED display market. Apple can only source OLED panels for its new flagship smartphone from its biggest rival.

A recent report claimed that Samsung charges anywhere from $120-$130 for an OLED display panel. It’s actually in a strong enough position to dictate pricing for the display. Apple is expected to sell millions of units of the iPhone X which means that Samsung’s display business will end up making a ton of money in the process.

Apple may have to stick with Samsung for a couple of years because there’s no other supplier that can meet its requirements at this point in time. Japan Display, which supplies more than half of the LCD panels for iPhones, may not be able to mass produce OLED displays until 2019.


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mahesh Kumar

That is my Samsung you are world’s best display
Apple asking you ok that’s my Samsung stage this is Apple stage

Benny I

What in Satan’s name are you trying to say?


Were you smoking wacky tobaccy when you wrote that? What exactly are you saying?


And did you hear what Apple said about the display… the FIRST OLED panel “good enough” to be in an iPhone!?! they being for real right now?! the panels are pretty sub par to S7s, S8s and Note8! only achieving 600-700 nits and still looking all pastel… was expecting better, but I guess the vibrant and bright displays will have to be saved for the next few years because they’ll be running out of ideas to sell.


What did you expect them to say? “We’ve been milking our customers for years with our 720p screens”?