Samsung partners with 20th Century Fox and Panasonic to create a metadata platform for HDR10+

Samsung has announced that it’s teamed up with 20th Century Fox and Panasonic to create a royalty-free dynamic metadata platform for High Dynamic Range (HDR) through an associated certification program called HDR10+. The entity will license the platform to content companies for a nominal administrative fee from 2018.

“As leaders in entertainment, the three companies are ideal partners for bringing HDR10+ into the homes of consumers everywhere,” said Jongsuk Chu, Senior VP of Visual Display at Samsung. “We are committed to making the latest technology available in our TVs and are confident that HDR10+ will deliver premium content.”

HDR10+ provides unprecedented picture quality on all displays with brightness, color, and contrast automatically optimized for each scene, according to Samsung. With HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping, every scene is individually enhanced to bring to life vibrant visuals and achieve unprecedented picture quality.

There are several benefits that come with adopting HDR10+. Using the metadata, for example, content creators, content distributors, TV manufacturers and device makers can improve the viewing experience for audiences in the coming years, though it will likely take a while to be adopted by industry leaders.

“Panasonic has a long history of working with industry leaders to develop lasting technical formats. We are delighted to work together with 20th Century Fox and Samsung to develop a new HDR format, which will bring consumers so many benefits,” said Yuki Kusumi, Executive Officer at Panasonic.

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