Check out Samsung’s official video introduction of the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung took to the stage today in New York City to unveil the Galaxy Note 8. It revealed all of the official details about the Galaxy Note 8’s specs and features. Our readers have also been following our extensive coverage of the Galaxy Note 8 to find out everything that’s new with the flagship.

If you’re in a rush and would like to know the bullet points so to speak, Samsung has now posted an official introduction video of the Galaxy Note 8 on YouTube. This 3-minute video will walk you through the main features and improvements that Samsung has added to the Note lineup with the Galaxy Note 8.

It starts off by highlighting the new S Pen which is now better than ever before. The S Pen offers new features like Live Messages, improved Screen off memo functionality and the ability to translate sentences by swiping the S Pen over them. The S Pen is also water resistant now and can work with the Galaxy Note 8 when it’s soaking wet.

The Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera is featured in the video as well, for obvious reasons. It’s one of the biggest selling points of the handset. The Galaxy Note 8 is the first smartphone from Samsung to offer a dual rear camera. It’s also the first smartphone on the market to offer Optical Image Stabilization on both rear cameras.

Check out the video embedded below to get a sense of what the Galaxy Note 8 is capable of. The handset will be released globally on September 15.


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Awesome! Much better than the Note 7.