Samsung now offering 10-year burn-in warranty for QLED TVs globally

Samsung announced several months ago that it was going to provide a 10-year burn-in warranty for its premium QLED TVs. It initially extended this commitment to customers in South Korea and Europe before offering it to customers in North America later. The company has now said that it will offer the same warranty globally.

“With strong confidence in QLED TV’s product performance, we are offering a 10-year warranty for our QLED TVs around the world,” a representative for the company said.

Samsung has been building up to this in recent months as it has been rolling out the premium televisions to more markets across the globe. The premium QLED TVs were launched in Brazil last month and Samsung promised all customers that they will get a 10-year warranty against burn-in.

The burn-in phenomenon refers to the possibility of the screen appearing as though it’s stained or the image not being displayed properly. It can be caused by the same picture or image being repeatedly exposed to a single spot on the TV screen. This can lead to the color of the picture or image not being displayed properly or the screen looking like it has a stain.

Samsung already provides 5-year warranties for other components of the QLED TVs. That’s also unusual given that most manufacturers only provide a 2-year warranty for the panel and 1-year warranty for components like the motherboard.

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Horus Osiris
Horus Osiris