Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen (allegedly) appears in hands-on images

We may have caught our first glimpse at the S Pen that’ll come bundled with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. A couple of images surfaced on leak aggregator SlashLeaks on Thursday allegedly showcasing the stylus — and it looks an awful lot like the one found on board the Galaxy Note 7.

Unfortunately, the pictures are blurry, corroborating our theory that all leakers lack basic photography skills, so we can’t pinpoint any differences between this S Pen and the one included with the Galaxy Note 7; it’s possible the stylus in the photographs could even belong to the Galaxy Note 5.

For now, we’re going to reserve judgement and leave it up to you to decide whether we’re looking at Galaxy Note 8‘s stylus. Bear in mind that Samsung’s said to have made significant improvements to the S Pen for this year’s model. But does that warrant a fresh design? Only time will tell.


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Nirav Bhavsar
Nirav Bhavsar

This is fake image or just an old note device S Pen! Look at the image and background where that person is!


At first glance, the same shape as the Note 7 and I think will be maintained Samsung: The pen was designed, is made of metal, waterproof,supports 4000 pressure and the head is reduced 1.6 mm to 0.7 mm This is an excellent thing waiting for what Samsung will provide from the innovations software of the Spen and if I wish Samsung exploited The top button to launch applications for example …