Bixby launch in China delayed due to local cybersecurity laws

Samsung launched Bixby properly in South Korea a couple of months ago. The full Bixby experience hasn’t been released anywhere else so far but the company has released a preview of Bixby Voice for select users in the United States.

The release of Bixby Voice in English and Chinese languages has been delayed primarily due to lack of big data. Samsung just doesn’t have enough data on hand to tweak the voice assistant so that it works as flawlessly as possible.

According to a new report, Bixby’s launch in China could be delayed even further after revisions to local cybersecurity laws in the country. Bixby was supposed to be launched in China last month but it’s still not out and it’s unclear when Samsung is going to release it.

The new cybersecurity laws mandate that all data generated within China should be stored on domestic servers.

“We are still tacking [sic] the data transfer issue under the revised laws in China,” confirmed a Samsung software developer to Chosun Biz, adding that no progress has been made so far amid diplomatic tensions between China and Korea.

Reports out of South Korea suggest that Samsung is likely to build a data center in China to comply with the revised laws.


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