Samsung emerges as the most preferred employer among college students in South Korea

Samsung is one of the largest consumer electronics brands in the world, and is set to leapfrog Apple in terms of quarterly profits for the first time. It is South Korea’s largest conglomerate company, contributing a sizeable amount to the country’s economy. No wonder, people prefer to work for Samsung over other brands. Now, it is being reported that most college students in South Korea prefer to work for Samsung.

According to the results from Job Korea’s (a popular job portal) survey, most college students in South Korean chose Samsung as the most preferred employer. The survey included 2,571 students from universities across the country. The results show that 17.7% students preferred to work for Samsung, followed by food and beverage company CJ Cheiljedang (13%), Asiana Airlines (11.5%), Korean Air (10.4%), LG Electronics (10.1%), Korea Electric Power Corp. (9.3%) and Hotel Lotte (8.3%).

The survey said that participants considered welfare programs and work conditions as the most important factors while choosing their most preferred employer. Other factors included brand image, corporate culture, salary levels, and how the company is portrayed in media reports.



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