Bixby Voice release date for US possibly leaked

Samsung has made Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners in the United States wait for a very long time to get access to Bixby Voice. When it unveiled the new flagship in March this year, the company boasted that its new voice assistant can enable users to do everything that they can do by tapping on the display with just voice commands.

However, Bixby Voice wasn’t ready so it wasn’t available at launch. The company later delayed the release multiple times because apparently, it was having trouble making Bixby work with English. Some reports suggested that the lack of big data was proving to be a problem.

Samsung has only released Bixby Voice properly in its home country of South Korea. Galaxy S8 users there can take full advantage of the voice assistant and even perform tasks like sending money. The only caveat there is that the assistant only supports Korean language.

It appears that the Bixby Voice release date for the US has been leaked online today. An unnamed insider has posted a picture of what appears to be an email meant for staff on Reddit. The email claims that Bixby Voice is going to be released on Tuesday, July 18.

The email also contains a link to a webinar training which will help prepare employees to ensure that they are retail ready by launch.

While one can surely call into question the authenticity of this email, it has been so long since we’ve all been waiting for Bixby Voice, it would just be nice if it comes out on July 18.

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