Samsung took the number-two spot in the wearable market for Q1 of 2017

Samsung was the second-largest global wearable vendor during the first quarter of this year with a total market share of 12.8 percent, reports The Korea Herald. However, that figure doesn’t seem half as impressive when you take into account that Apple topped the table with an eye-watering share of 53 percent.

As you’d expect, the Gear S3 classic and Gear S3 frontier made up the majority of Samsung’s sales during the January-March period, though several promotions, which include awarding a free Gear Fit 2 to every customer who picked up a Galaxy S7 after the Galaxy S8 hit the shelves, also contributed to the firm’s success.

The main reason customers have been picking up the Gear S3 frontier, and now the Gear S3 classic, instead of the Apple Watch is because they feature cellular capabilities — so users can leave their phone at home and still receive phone calls and text messages on their wrist.


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I wouldn’t buy this. I had my Fit 2 for a week. The strap let go and it fell cracking the glass. I was then told it cost as much to fix as it was to buy another one. I asked the person at the samsung repair store why anyone would do that to he told maybe I like the one I have. Stupid answer. Will never buy Samsung Gear again and I was hardcore samsung everything.


Idk if the LTE models are the reason Samsung sells so many. Hardly anyone asked for that because they don’t want to pay a monthly fee for it. People love the design and UI is pretty good.

Jon C
Jon C

“The main reason customers have been picking up the Gear S3 frontier, and now the Gear S3 classic, instead of the Apple Watch is because they feature cellular capabilities ”

Really? Try buying an S3 in the UK with LTE capabilities.