Trade-in your old phone and get up to $350 off the Galaxy S8 from Samsung

If you’re thinking about changing your smartphone and currently have one that’s still in working condition, you can trade it in and Samsung is going to give you up to $350 for your device which you can put towards the purchase of an unlocked Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. This offer is only for customers in the United States.

Samsung is promising $300 in trade-in value for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S7. If you have a Galaxy S7 edge, it’s going to fetch you the absolute maximum trade-in value of $350. Samsung is going to offer $200 for any other iOS or Android smartphone. All devices have to meet certain conditions before the trade-in value can be given to customers.

The company mentions in the terms and conditions that the device being traded in has to power on. It can have normal wear and tear but the device should not have a cracked screen, should not be bricked or blacklisted.

Samsung will assess all devices and it feels that a device doesn’t fulfill the conditions mentioned above, it will only provide $25 for that unit. The company also mentions in the T&Cs that customers who trade-in their device will not get it back under any circumstance.

The trade-in value that customers receive in exchange for their old device can then be instantly used towards the purchase of an unlocked Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+.



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if my s7 edge is in full working order,why would i trade it in for an s8+.probably for a note 8 but not for an s8,as the upgrades are very incremental.Samsung wants get rid of existing stocks of s8s as they know when the note 8 goes on sale nobody would buy s8s.

Arman Ali

Plz give such offers in Pakistan.


Yes any offers In Australia?


No, as always it is Always Only for United States citizens, you know the protected ones 😉 ,who always gets the good goodies with way better consumer protection than my Australia (and the rest of the world) no matter what you are buying, and always way cheaper than anyone else. The rest of the world pays the unseen US currency tax* add on everything that is sold outside of the USA. * Meaning the mighty US dollar is ‘worth more’ than any other currency despite the US owing more cash to the rest of the world (other countries) which she… Read more »


They should have that offer in Australia..! I know a lot of people that will be happy to trade..