Google has launched an exclusive Play Music feature for the Galaxy S8

If you cast your mind back to April, you may recall that Google announced it had teamed up with Samsung to give Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ customers who use Play Music, which is the default audio player on the handsets, a couple of extra perks to enhance their music-listening experience.

Despite being relatively minor, the perks were actually pretty useful: users could upload 100,000 songs to their virtual locker instead of the usual 50,000, and were eligible for a free three-month trial of Play Music All Access. Now, however, the firm has released an exclusive feature for the devices.

It’s called New Release Radio and — you guessed it — is a personalized mix of the freshest songs — but it’s not really the groundbreaking ‘feature’ we were hoping for. After all, it’s just a radio station that Google could quite easily deliver to every user, and probably will in the future.


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i don’t have this feature..s8 itv

Phillip Ma
Phillip Ma

How about S2 watch intergration? Now that the Samsung Music Player is gone how will I be able to create playlists that sync to my watch?


Hopefully they’ll release more exclusive features, such as gapless playback that actually works and making the app function properly with Android Auto (and not displaying the “not currently available” error at every opportunity).