Samsung is now testing Bixby’s voice functionality in the US with an early access program

Samsung’s plans to have Bixby’s voice functionality ready for the North American market in time for the Galaxy S8 launch didn’t pan out, and the company had said that the feature would launch in the US sometime later in the spring. It looks like Samsung is on track this time, as it has started an early access program to let US customers try out Bixby’s voice features on their Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Samsung is taking a limited number of applications, so you will have to try your luck by signing up at this website and wait for an invitation. The data it will gather during the test will be used to make improvements before Bixby’s voice features are officially launched in the country, although there’s no saying when the launch will take place. Spring’s about to end in a matter of days, so Samsung will probably not meet the deadline, and we will hopefully not see any major delays.

For those unaware, Bixby’s voice functionality is heavily embedded into Samsung’s software and can let you perform a slew of functions by speaking to the phone. If it’s possible via touch, Samsung wants it to be possible via voice, too. To see Bixby in action, check out these videos. Also see what we feel about Bixby here at SamMobile, and be sure to sign up for the early access program before Samsung stops taking applications.



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5 days 6 hours ago

amazing…after 1 month and a half and still no news about Spanish Voice…i’m feeling silly…after spending 909€… do i have to go back to Apple?…it seems like Samsung is forcing us to…and i don’t want to, updates, no Bixby…i thought it could be the real Siri killer we all are waiting for…instead it seems that Sammy is taking us for a ryde…

5 days 6 hours ago

My sentiments on Samsung pay, my bank still isn’t supported in the U.K. Samsung just can’t roll out services as fast as Apple. Siri on iOS 11 is fantastic and in some ways it schools google assistant, other ways not so much. No idea what bixby is like because there are no reviews that I can find.

Martin Eugeniev
6 days 15 hours ago

I am from Bulgaria and it says it cannot find my location of my samsung email account…

6 days 14 hours ago

That’s because it’s for US only.

7 days 4 hours ago

I signed up… hopefully I’ll get in

7 days 5 hours ago

It doesn’t say US only.- only that the voice recognition is limited to US English and Korean at the beginning. I’ll give it a try

7 days 5 hours ago

I signed up after 15 seconds of them posting that. I think I will get in.

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