[Poll Results!] How often do you check for software updates on your Samsung phone?

Samsung has received considerable criticism for being too slow in releasing software updates to its smartphones and tablets. The South Korean giant has improved quite a bit in the last year or so, and it has been releasing monthly security updates to most Galaxy devices for some time now. Samsung has improved a lot in terms of software design as well. Unlike other smartphone brands who just updated the underlying Android version, Samsung released a visual overhaul for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge (and other existing devices) with the Nougat update, with plenty of additional features.

Software updates are a hotly debated topic when it comes to Samsung devices, and we have been wondering how often people check for software updates on their Samsung phone or tablet. Some of us here at SamMobile do it more often than we would care to admit, partly because we want updates like everyone else and because we’re in the business of writing about them. What about you? Cast your vote in the poll below to let us know, and get a discussion going in the comments section!

Poll Results: Most readers (28%) say that they check for software updates at least a couple of times a week, while 24% of voters do it more frequently: at least once a day. Around 13% voters check for updates a few times every day and 18% voters do it at least a couple of times a month.

Not everyone is so keen on checking for updates, though. 13% check for updates only when they read about them and 3% of voters don’t check for an update manually as they like to wait for updates to show up.

How often do you check for software updates on your Samsung phone?

  • A couple of times a week (28%, 1,404 Votes)
  • At least once a day (24%, 1,184 Votes)
  • A couple of times each month (18%, 916 Votes)
  • A few times every day (13%, 660 Votes)
  • I check only when I read about new software updates (13%, 653 Votes)
  • Never, I wait for them to show up on their own (3%, 151 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,968

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4 days 22 hours ago

Galaxy C7 Nougat update???

cerioni fabio
11 days 21 hours ago

Samsung oramai è in discesa..
fa acqua da tutte le parti…assistenza,aggiornamenti, software,hardware…prosotti difettosi,firmware con BUG…
da abbandonare

15 days 10 hours ago

i do it everyday because samsung update all the samsung galaxy a5 2016 but the SM-A5100 still without get nougat

15 days 17 hours ago

s6 claro Argentina sigue esperando android 7!!!!!

17 days 9 hours ago

When I read about a new software update and I know that there is a update coming,I keep checking and waiting, so twice a week I check here on Sammobile for updates for my devices, best place for all Samsung related articles by the team…and you are right Samsung have improved a lot in the last year with updates,hope that they keep it up….

17 days 15 hours ago

NEVER,unless i hear the OS is upgraded from xda then i install it,root my device, and uninstall all fota client that is Software update (2 software) apk from it and uninstall all the bloats added in new OS update and free again till new OS

17 days 18 hours ago

UK mobile operators are pathetic when it comes to these updates. The “latest” S7 Edge update from Three (H3G) has only just been released and it brings the Android security patch level up to April 1st (and it took them four months). I would run stock (BTU) but unfortunately I need Wifi-calling which requires carrier firmware….

17 days 8 hours ago

I’m on BTU and I have WiFi calling (on EE). I’m still on the April security patch though! ;)

Andrew Ho
18 days 1 hour ago

What about Galaxy A8(2015) have android 7 update,
i see the samsung news said it will update galaxy a8 but not said(2015) or(2016)?
also hk tab s2 8.0 SM_T713 have not android 7 but many countries have update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Angry)

18 days 2 hours ago

Note 4 is an “old” top device … And Samsung did not work on your update !? Well that Samsung could work this relationship better .. And take better care of old customers. Disappointed with so much indifference …. I Appeal to Samsung Have a Look at Note 4

18 days 2 hours ago


18 days 2 hours ago

Its a joke! My unlocked BTU S8 is on April security patch? Older cheaper devices on May! Whats that all about?

17 days 22 hours ago

It’s called Samsung update policy :)

18 days 3 hours ago

Since I flashed Nougat on my galaxy tab A 2016 I am no longer looking for updates, it’s now automatically settled to “check by yourself if updates are available”…!!!my fantastic LG G6 as well in automatic mode set!

Arman Ali
18 days 5 hours ago

Samsung is saying since last year about noughat for Galaxy s6 .. I haven’t received yet on my global version F. Plz Sammy be more effecient interms of updates for flagship devices.

18 days 5 hours ago

I check a lot when I’ve read a new Android version is released in my market (Europe). Otherwise once a month or so. Got Nougat to my Swedish S6 three weeks ago so now I don’t expect any more updates to that phone worth searching for. I’ll just because security updates which will show up automatically.

Troll Hammaren
18 days 5 hours ago

I check them everyday, ’cause I hope for a performance fix! S6 with 7.0 is so laggy.

18 days 4 hours ago

Me too, for my galaxy a5 2016. In some country there’s already an nougat update. But here in Philippines are not yet. So I also checking for update once a day. Or sometimes twice a day.

18 days 3 hours ago

aren’t you able to flash nougat??? is easy,…look for tutorials….

18 days 7 hours ago

I’m a bit disappointed since samsung only working on new device only. how about old user? I know that my device gonna get update but it so late since the same device in other country already got new firmware.

18 days 4 hours ago

they’re not, my S8+ is still on April where a lot of S6s are on May

18 days 7 hours ago

I believe that it was November when Verizon started to send out monthly updates (3 to 5 weeks apart) for my Note 4. It was shortly after a Sam Mobile article that said no more updates for the Note 4… Now if it isn’t first, the update comes 1to 2 days after another Note 4 model gets it. I am very pleased and hope the Note 8 is fit to replace the function of a Note 4. I will not hold my breath though. 3 to 5 weeks behind Google but consistent.

shmily fisher
18 days 12 hours ago

I just love this vote, I wish it could make a change, keep it up…

David Gotelli
18 days 12 hours ago

I’m on an unlocked s7 in the US and got nougat on May 8th so not expecting anything til next year lol

14 days 16 hours ago

May 1 2017 security patch just hit for the SM-G930U & SM-G935U. Looks like they were true to their word and updates for the unlocked devices will start rolling out more quickly!

18 days 13 hours ago

I check for new builds every week, because that’s how often LineageOS for my S5 updates ;). Seriously, the best thing to do with a Samsung phone is to rip Samsung Experience off it and replace it with LOS. Samsung just needs to stop developing OSes. Period.

18 days 14 hours ago

Well, if you want 2 years good update support than you have to buy a pixel. Otherwise you will always get updates later. (If you get updates at all) on Android.
This have to change Since you are paying 700 euro atleast for an high end Android phone. Well atleast we should get a 1 design for each oem phone in android. The functions may be different but at least we need unified designs.
Apple is doing this from the beginning. Design is always same (software) but functions differs from device to device. We also need more lifetime support. But that is a thing that google has to change.

18 days 3 hours ago

comparing updates made by the single company Apple to the Android’s panorama isn’t that fair!!!!

17 days 2 hours ago


18 days 15 hours ago

Rarely, because auto update works just fine.

18 days 3 hours ago

well not Always, for example I had to downlad an application and “force” the update in my huawei p9lite”…!

18 days 17 hours ago

Never since they never show up. Android OEM support is shit. Not specific to Samsung.

18 days 14 hours ago

Thats a true fact.

18 days 17 hours ago

belgium and luxembourg ever last for updates on my s7 edge nougat only in may this time on my s8+ same problem the rest of europe receive patch of may and in belgium and Luxembourg anything’s Samsung is good smartphone but the updates is very poor!!!

18 days 3 hours ago

just flash a different stock rom, for example Germany….naturally it should not be necessary!!!but you know, that’s Samsung!!!if it wasn’t for galaxy S2 in terms of success they would not be at this point,..!!!

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