Samsung ranks tenth in Forbes’ list of world’s most valuable brands for 2017

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and valuable brands in the world, but how does it fair against the likes of Apple, Facebook, and Google? Forbes releases a list of world’s most valuable brands every year, and it released its new list for 2017 yesterday. As per the new rankings, Samsung is currently the tenth most valuable brand in the world. The top place has been tightly held by Apple, following by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Coco-Cola, Amazon, Disney, Toyota, and McDonald’s.

Forbes analysed more than 200 global brands by looking at their earnings for the past three years and then allocating a percentage of those revenues based on the roles the brands play in their particular fields. The American business magazine arrives at a final score for each brand depend on the performance of the brands. Samsung’s brand value has been rated at $38.2 billion, making it the tenth most valuable brand in the world. In comparison, Apple’s and Google’s brand values are $170 billion and $101.8 billion, respectively.

You can look at the complete list of top 10 most valuable brands in the table below along with their brand values as determined by Forbes.

RankCompany NameBrand Value ($Bil)


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Are we just talking about Samsung Mobile? or Samsung Electronics? or the whole conglomerate?


Don’t trust Forbes, they’re well and truly wedged up Apple’s arse. and again, Value is different depending on who you ask. For profits, of course it is apple, they’re a brand, their job is to sell their products. Google however, A LOT of people depend on Google for so many things. The world would lose a lot more if we lost Google, than if we lost Apple.


Except you don’t judge a brand just by how much profit it makes because let’s say apple has always charged a lot more in the past for an iPhone then what Samsung has charged for a Samsung flagship in the past it’s only recently that the prices I’ve gone up to nearly the same level that is why you can’t judge a brand by its profits he should really be judged by how many units is sold because that then he says how popular brand is. Just my opinion.