Samsung distributes an update to fix the Galaxy S8′s connectivity issues

Samsung’s now in the midst of rolling out a maintenance update, which bundles all of the changes included in this month’s security release, in addition to a slew of additional bug fixes, for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the United Arab Emirates.

More specifically, the upgrade appears to address a whole host of issues related to Bluetooth connectivity, including a patch for a nasty bug which resulted in a handset rebooting when controlling music playing through a wireless speaker.

What’s strange, however, is that the firmware is actually identical in size to the update that started making the rounds in India last week, but it doesn’t appear to bundle any of the same changes.

To see if the OTA is ready for your unit, open up Settings, tap Software Update, then press Download Updates Manually. If it doesn’t show up, it simply means it hasn’t reached your device yet — so repeat the process in a few hours.

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30 days 10 hours ago

Earlier today I got the update in Germany.

1 month 3 hours ago

Getting a huge 600mb download in UK ota

1 month 1 minute ago

What model. My S8+ isn’t getting an update. I’m on unlocked UK model

1 month 5 hours ago

I have no problem using more than an hour bluetooth headset and speaker. I think our region is fine with S8.

1 month 5 hours ago

It’s the United Arab Emirates, Arabic is the language. Try to keep up!

1 month 5 hours ago

I am EMIRATI from the UAE read my posts and its UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Dont post unless you are sure thanks. And naveensajeev Sammobile is constantly false Reporting about the UAE ignoring other commentators complaints against the writers.

1 month 2 hours ago

You just fixed your post and you forgot a big thank you also its not a security update infact it says its not a security update but its a bluetooth fix

30 days 19 hours ago

It IS a security update, the May 2017 security patch is included in this instead of the April patch.

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