The biggest problem I’ve encountered with my Galaxy S8+ (so far)

The Galaxy S8+ is without a shadow of a doubt the best smartphone I’ve ever owned. In the first impressions post I published a little less than two weeks ago, I explained how impressed I was with the design and performance of the handset — but I’m now starting to doubt its build quality.

A few days after my post went live, I was sitting in traffic and noticed a few (very) minor scratches on the back of my unit, though that’s to be expected. I use the device without a case, and slide it in and out of my pocket umpteen times a day. It’s just casual wear and tear.

What isn’t casual wear and tear, however, is the fact the SIM tray doesn’t fit into my handset properly. It overhangs by around one-to-two millimeters, which is a bit frustrating, especially when you take into account that the Galaxy S8+ retails for north of $700.


Whenever I get my hands on a new smartphone (or any product, for that matter), I always conduct a quick visual check — so I know it definitely wasn’t like that when it arrived. I’ve tried removing the tray and reinserting it multiple times, but to no avail. It still sticks out.

There’s a possibility I’m the only person in possession of a Galaxy S8+ with a dodgy SIM slot, and I really hope I am. I’ve reached out to Samsung requesting a replacement and will keep you posted. In the meantime, if you’ve experienced any weird problems with your Galaxy S8, be sure to let us know.

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3 days 21 hours ago

My SD card slot is perfectly flush, I have had the S8+ since day 1

3 days 23 hours ago

dear folks,
I am from India I too owned S8+. the same problem I too encounter that Sim tray is not fit into the phone properly. it is very very tough to take out and insert. I have fear that it may break at anytime. I have a doubt about Samsung flagship S8+ build quality… Samsung has give us proper solution. because in India its cost 65,000/-.Its higher than other region like US, UAE and so on… it is not simple or easy spend on S8+ with faulty…

Philipp Himmel
4 days 16 minutes ago

I have had the same issue with my note 7…

4 days 6 hours ago

I cannot believe a successful website like this would allow such trash to be posted on the main page. This is obviously a one off issue, caused by the user himself. Does this site have editors? Sort it out or you’ll lose a lot of followers SamMobile.
This phone is the best ever made, full stop, I use both this and the iPhone 7+, so no fanboy here.

4 days 3 hours ago

Mate you’re so offended by this article that clearly you are a fan boy.

The headline clearly says it’s something he personally has encountered.
He didn’t jump to a conclusion that all galaxy s8 are like this, and instead asking if more people have seen this as well.

4 days 2 hours ago

I’m not offended, and there are comments sections for that, not entire articles about a problem only he has!! I’m shocked that this site can let this crap fly.

4 days 1 hour ago

On every website there’s seem to be someone like you. Why do you post such comments? I also have badly produced sim tray – mine is recessed. Also I have faulty screen with red frame and poor viewing angle – another obvious issue. There’s absolutely no quality asssurance with Samsung this year. S8 guard is useless as well as they refuse to exchange my unit because they would have to exchange milions of them which also have faulty screeens. What kind of argument is that? It’s my last Samsung purchase ever. Outrageous

3 days 23 hours ago

What faulty screens? The red balance?

4 days 54 minutes ago

Well not only this year, but for the last few years … stopped buying phones from them altogether (not that I went to another brand, but still overusing my old tried and true Samsung devices – before they made this flimsy edge glass mess).
Maybe they’ll return one day to making good devices. Until then … either my current phone, or if it dies, some cheap thing I do not feel bad to throw out after one or two years.

5 days 4 hours ago

I’ve got the opposite problem , mine goes inwards about 1mm ! doesn’t effect anything but its interesting

5 days 10 hours ago

dear folks,
I am from India I too owned S8+. the same problem I too encounter that Sim tray is not fit into the phone properly. it is very very tough to take out and insert. I have fear that it may break at anytime. I have a doubt about Samsung flagship S8+ build quality… Samsung has give us proper solution. because in India its cost 65,000/-.Its higher than other region like US, UAE and so on… it is simple or easy spend on S8+ with faulty…

5 days 18 hours ago

Well, since I brought my s8+ back 2 times because of edge border issues and colour temp in general, I had to remove my sim+microsd card several times, including some swaps with my old Phone for leftover data.
And what I noticed was that the tray doesn’t fit very well. I had to be carefull not to bend anything, and at one point it was a bit stuck, refusing to go in all the way.
Mine sits perfectly at present, but it does appear to be easily breakable.
I suggest you send it in for repair, or try to get it in correctly by yourself. But chances are the small parts that keep it in place are bend a little bit, hence why it sticks out.

5 days 19 hours ago

My big problem is how soft the screen seems to be, mine has loads of tiny scratches on it and I use it the same as I used my s7 edge and that had no where near as many scratches on it in 12 months, yes both were in genuine samsung cases and i don’t put them in a pocket with anything else, ie coins etc.

5 days 21 hours ago

Hello, I was delivered the S8 on Thursday and yesterday I noticed a micro rayon on the screen, which disappoints me in a phone so expensive and with glass 5 gorrilla … Cosa that never happened with the S6 edge. I contacted Samsung to file the complaint, which in three days give me an answer. Besides that in security matters I have active the password and the fingerprint, but when the sliding is unlocked without more, I will go today to see to that it is

Hola, me entregaron el S8 el jueves y ayer note un micro rayon en la pantalla, lo cual me decepciona en un teléfono tan costoso y con gorrilla glass 5… Cosa que nunca paso con el S6 edge. Me comunique con Samsung para presentar la queja, que en tres días me dan respuesta. Ademas de eso en cuestiones de seguridad tengo activa la contraseña y la huella digital, pero al deslizar se desbloquea sin mas, voy a ir hoy a ver a que se debe esto.

5 days 21 hours ago

I’ve had my S8+ for 2 days now and have a severe “blocky” video issue in almost every app plus playing back locally stored videos. Samsung seem to want nothing to do with the problem and won’t replace the phone, they want me to send it back to be inspected so I will be without a phone for at least a week. Shocking service considering it’s only 2 days old.

5 days 23 hours ago

If it took you two weeks to notice your sim tray isn’t flush, you’re not exactly the brightest star in the cosmos, are you?. Maybe you should go back to your iPhone. :)

6 days 11 minutes ago

I have the s8+ for over two weeks now and the performance is superb! Have been trying to figure out any fault since but couldn’t see any apart from the fingerprint sensor scanner position which I’m gradually forgetting it’s presence owing to the presence of the highly sensitive Iris Scanner.

5 days 23 hours ago

I picked up the marple gold which alot of the folks out there ignored but the gold colour is really awesome! It’s a special gold which is less attractive to fingerprint magnet unlike the almighty midnight black thet scored the highest number of votes during the last s8 colour survey. Like the midnight black and the orchid grey, the marple gold also changes colour depending on the amount and the direction of lights coming in.

Sidharth Bhalotia
6 days 1 hour ago

Finger print sensor and other biometrics do not work when in Maximum Power Saving mode on my S8 and S6 EDGE. it has been disabled deliberately by Samsung (after the Nougat update on GS6). But the same is working fine on my S7 edge. Unlocking the phone with a password or a code everytime is so much pain! :(

4 days 5 hours ago

Odd, works fine here with power saving mode.

Albert D'Orazio
6 days 2 hours ago

I bought the Samsung S8 two weeks ago and had one glitch which I had to go back to T-mobile that very day and switch out to another S8: the iris scanner didn’t work and it not only didn’t work, it disabled my front selfie camera. With some trepidation, I waited until the beginning of this week to try the iris scanner and to much relief, worked on my current S8 with no issues so far.

A have noticed the few tiny scuff marks which is a disappointment seeing as I have had my case on since day 1 and have rarely used it without it.

The SIM and SD card slot is flush with my S8 so no issues there on that aspect.

Overall, a great experience so far with the Samsung Galaxy S8

6 days 4 hours ago

OTT assessment. You cannot cast doubts on build quality based on your SIM tray misaligning – it could be a slight issue related to your device or could have occurred due to your own handling. If we were carrying expensive diamonds, most people would not simply shove them in their pockets

5 days 23 hours ago

I got a cool colour sensor case of about $38 just to keep my precious s8+ clean and scratch-free always.

6 days 11 hours ago

The biggest issue is the fingerprint scanner.

6 days 12 hours ago

No Sim Tray issues on the S8.

6 days 17 hours ago

SIM tray on my S8+ is flat with the rest of the body. Maybe something stuck in the buttom of your SIM tray or something is wrong with your phones SIM tray.

Martin Eugeniev
6 days 17 hours ago

It might just be the glass but i have just a little bit of a gap on the up right corner on the back but the back doesn’t move or do anything else so i think its okey… i hope so (if this is the correct meaning) Otherwise the phone is awesome! I love it! (What do you think?)

6 days 17 hours ago

I think your unit must be faulty, even though I have an s8 the SIM tray is flush. I’ve been using the Samsung clear cover and it has been pretty decent though slightly slippy.

As for the finger print reader, I’ve notice with a case on its makes it easy to find the scanner and for me it’s been very good and extremely fast.

My only issues​ are the bixby is useless and wish can just map to the camera. The iris scanner is slow and unusable

Apart from that I m loving the phone

6 days 19 hours ago

Very rarely the best solution but have you tried forcing it? The rubber o-ring on it, I’ve noticed, tends to be quite stubborn which is really a good thing to retain IP68. Mine will stick out like yours until I give it a firm push.

6 days 19 hours ago

I thought I am the only one with sim slot problem…My S8+ have a same issue, I think, should go for replacement as well.

6 days 19 hours ago

And get a case! I’m using the Spigen crystal clear, it’s bulkier than I’d like and the side lip comes up higher than I’d like and obscures the infinity edges, but I’d rather endure this than a cracked screen.

6 days 19 hours ago

I’ve been using my Galaxy S8+ for the past 3 weeks, no such issue for me. And generally, no problems whatsoever, I love this device. I upgraded from the S6 edge and this is leaps and bounds ahead. Snappy, clever software, polished hardware, can’t fault Samsung here. Definitely get a replacement, that defect shouldn’t be tolerated on this device.