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Performance comparisons to the iPhone are inevitable every time a new Android flagship comes out. The iPhone is known to offer the smoothest and most consistent performance, but is it actually the fastest? With the Galaxy S8 and this year’s new 10 nm processors, it seems the iPhone 7 can’t keep up, as Tom’s Guide found out in their speed test comparing the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7.

The speed test included things like app and camera opening speed, video editing, Wi-Fi speed, and gaming performance. The Galaxy S8 came out on top in all but the video editing and gaming performance test, which isn’t surprising as the iPhone’s lack of any virtual layer between the hardware and operating system allows for faster performance in resource-intensive tasks. Of course, this comparison isn’t exactly fair as the iPhone 7 came out more than six months ago, but it does paint a positive picture for Samsung, as the company isn’t usually known for its device optimization. The iPhone did, however, come close to the Galaxy S8 in most tests according to the website, so it’s highly likely the iPhone 8 will leave the competition in the dust when it comes out later this year.

It should be noted that the tests were performed on the Snapdragon 835-powered Galaxy S8, and the Exynos variant could have a higher lead. Although, it remains to be seen how performance on the Galaxy S8 will hold up over time, as Android phones are known to develop noticeable lag and stutter after a few months. But right now, the Galaxy S8 stands to be the fastest phone in the market, and it will probably remain so until devices like the Apple iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2 come out later this year.

What do you think about the Galaxy S8’s performance? Are you satisfied with how the phone runs, or do you think Samsung could do with more optimization?





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1 year 7 days ago
i don’t know if we are going to keep this speed of changes, i mean, less than a month ago we bought our shiny new S8+, almost less than a month later you are saying that “the Iphone, this, the Iphone that”…come on! can we enjoy our new devices in peace?…this “way of life” is not affordable for people that must pay a two year contract thinking that their new phone is old right when it hit the streets…normal people can’t buy two phones for year…( sorry for my english, i’m not trying to be rude or something like that,… Read more »
1 year 6 days ago

That’s the reality that we have to accept
Typing this comment on my shattered S6 edge