Samsung’s delayed management reshuffle sees 54 execs get promoted

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Samsung has a tradition of shaking up the top management of the company at the end of every year to rotate talent across the company’s various business divisions. This exercise normally takes place in December every year but it had to be delayed last year due to the various legal troubles that Samsung was involved in.

While some of those challenges still persist, Samsung has finally followed through with its delayed management reshuffle which has seen 54 executives being promoted to bigger roles. “Samsung will minimize uncertainties through the latest reshuffle. We will make all-out efforts to achieve this year’s management goals,” the company said in a statement.

A total of 11 executives have been named as senior vice presidents while 6 executives including the head of enterprise business for the visual display unit Kim Seok-ki and head of South American operations Kim Jung-hwan were promoted as executive vice presidents.

Executive Vice President Tim Baxter has been appointed as the head of Samsung Electronics America while Executive Vice President Choi Kyung-sil will now perform his duties as chief of the strategy marketing office.

Samsung is not yet done with the management reshuffle just yet. It’s going to announce management changes at its display and chip divisions in the next few days.


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