AT&T offers $200 minimum trade-in for your old phone when you buy the Galaxy S8

Carriers are known for offering customers incentives that either entice them to stay with it or switch over from one of its rivals. AT&T has been offering a Buy One Get One promotion with the Galaxy S8 which enables customers to talk out with two Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ units essentially for the price of one.

AT&T is now sweetening the deal further by stacking its $200 minimum trade-in promotion. This means that customers will be able to get an additional $200 off if they decide to trade-in their old phone when buying the Galaxy S8.

The only caveat here is that the phone that the customer is going to trade-in has to meet the conditions laid out in AT&T’s Trade-In Program. This particular promotion ends on May 31. Customers will have to buy their new Galaxy S8 on AT&T’s Next installment plan.

Since this is a minimum $200 trade-in offer, as long as the handset is worth $20 or more according to AT&T, customers are guaranteed $200 in trade-in value. The credit that they receive can be more than $200 if the device is in better condition.

That credit can then be used to get a discount against the Galaxy S8 price. Customers can also choose to pay for their Galaxy S8 in full and use the credit on accessories. This promotion is also open to those who don’t want to take advantage of the BOGO offer and just need to buy one Galaxy S8.

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