Themes Thursday: Over 200 new themes released this week, here are the best ones

Samsung released more than 200 new themes in the Theme Store over the past one week for its Galaxy smartphones. We’ve shortlisted eight theme packs for you as a part of Themes Thursday. The [VIVA] Picnic theme is pretty colorful. Infinity W/ Backgrounds and Spring [Bacho2] look cool too.

If you like dark themes, check out [aire] Cool Mountain, [IMG] Pixel Black, and [IMG] Simple UI. Proud citizens of London and Paris can showcase popular monuments from their cities on their homescreens by installing [VIVA] London Tour and [VIVA] Paris Tour theme packs. Which one of these did you like the most?

[aire] Cool Mountain
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [aire] Cool Mountain

[IMG] Pixel Black
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [IMG] Pixel Black

[IMG] Simple UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [IMG] Simple UI

[VIVA] London Tour
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [VIVA] London Tour

[VIVA] Paris Tour
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [VIVA] Paris Tour

[VIVA] Picnic
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [VIVA] Picnic

Infinity W/ Backgrounds
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Infinity W: Backgrounds

Spring [Bacho2]
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Spring [Bacho2]


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I can’t see them either.. Must be region issue. But this happens all the time, takes longer to arrive. Shame as really like Black Pixel


I can`t find them too, using s7 edge. May be the reason is region, but i am not sure. If it is possible can you give us direct download link, or explanation why i can`t see them?


Unable to find them in my theme store using note 5..
Do you guys have any links for them to download..


How come they are no full screen AOD except the stock theme by Samsung, the S7s had a couple of different ones, as do the A 2017 series. they look much better than the new standard small ones.