Samsung might acquire micro-LED developer PlayNitride

If a new report is believed, Samsung might be interested in acquiring PlayNitride. This Taiwan-based company manufactures micro-LED panels. Samsung is said to be interested in manufacturing micro-LED displays for its VR headsets and may even use the technology for some TV models as well.

Micro-LEDs aren’t that popular as yet but market analysts believe that this display technology has the potential to be brighter and more efficient than OLED displays. Significant technical challenges exist, though, so the technology may not be properly commercialized before 2020.

Samsung isn’t the only company that’s interested in this technology. Apple acquired micro-LED company LuxVue in May 2014. Sony is working on this display technology as well while Oculus has acquired InfinitiLED, another micro-LED company.

This acquisition will enable Samsung to get a foot in the door, so to speak, as far as this next-generation display technology is concerned. Nothing is confirmed at this point in time but Samsung is reportedly going to pay $150 million for the company. Only time will tell if it decides to do that.


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