Samsung will start the production of 7th generation OLED displays soon

Samsung Display, the world’s largest smartphone OLED panel manufacturer with more than 95 percent market share, is looking to expand its market share even further. The company will reportedly start the production of its seventh-generation smartphone OLED panels soon, while competitors are still trying to focus on sixth-generation OLED display panels.

An analyst told The Investor that Samsung’s new A4 production line will start manufacturing seventh generation OLED panels for smartphones as early as Q2 next year. The company will reportedly add foldable OLEDs, chip-on-plastic OLEDs, and 4K (800 ppi) OLED panels in its arsenal to keep its dominating position for years to come.

Its smaller rivals will be catching up with Samsung in production volume of sixth-generation OLED panels in the coming years. Samsung is likely to turn its eyes to the larger seventh-generation OLED panels for better productivity,” Yi Choong-hoon, CEO of display research firm UBI Research, said in a recent report.

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