Galaxy S8 gets local business search inside the native dialer app with Hiya

What do you do when you want the phone number for a local restaurant or business? Chances are you search for it online and then perhaps you have to visit a couple of links before you get what you’re looking for. It’s a cumbersome process that normally involves switching between multiple apps.

Things are about to get much easier for Galaxy S8 owners in several countries. Samsung’s partnership with Hiya puts a new tab called “Places” in the native dialer app alongside the Recents and Contacts tabs.

Powered by the Hiya Business Profiles service, Places uses your location to list nearby businesses under various categories like financial, health, automotive, public services, restaurants, shopping and more. Users then have to just tap on the local business that they want to call and the native dialer app will do the rest. It’s so simple yet so useful.

Hiya Business Profiles integration with the Galaxy S8 will be available to users in 27 countries across the globe, including the United States where it’s supported by all carriers except Verizon. This isn’t the first time that Hiya and Samsung have collaborated. Hiya powered caller ID and spam detection in the Galaxy Note 7’s dialer app.


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