Themes Thursday: Here are this week’s seven best themes

Samsung has released 135 themes for its compatible Galaxy smartphones this week, and there are some of those theme packs are brilliantly designed. We’ve shortlisted seven themes for this week’s Themes Thursday, and you might find them worth having a look.

The [Code Art] Nice Day theme has a pleasing blue background and a brighter color scheme for the user interface. If you want a Pixel-like UI design, have a look at [Kendi] Android O and DePixelizeD. For all the donut lovers out there (including me), the Donutshop & MOH (Live & AOD) theme is a pretty good one.

The Flipside and [Very] Flower Way theme packs look good too. However, the best of the lot, according to us, is the [Kendi] Oxy OS Black theme. It features brilliantly-designed circular icons and darker backgrounds which might help you in eking out some extra battery life. Which theme did you like?

[Code Art] Nice Day
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Code Art] Nice Day

[Kendi] Android O
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Android O

[Kendi] Oxy OS Black
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Oxy OS Black

[Very] Flower Way
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Very] Flower Way

Samsung Galaxy Theme - DePixelizeD

Donutshop & MOH (Live & AOD)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Donutshop & MOH (Live & AOD)

Samsung Galaxy Theme - Flipside

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