Themes Thursday: Here are the top three new themes released this week

Samsung introduced paid themes to 15 new countries earlier this week, and if you are from one of those countries, you can now download high-quality paid themes on your compatible Galaxy smartphone. The company has released 194 theme packs this week, and we’ve selected the top three themes for you.

The [Kendi] Oxy OS from Lucas Kendi looks beautiful, thanks to slick icons, an appealing wallpaper, and a bright UI design. If you wanted a Grace UX-like theme with a darker background, check out the Card UX Black W/ Backgrounds theme pack. Fans of Pixel’s UI design can install the Pixelize theme by Cameron Bunch.

Which one did you like the most among these three theme packs?

[Kendi] Oxy OS | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Oxy OS - Paid

Card UX Black W/ Backgrounds | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Card UX Black W: Backgrounds - Paid

Pixelize | Free
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Pixelize - Free


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I can’t wait to get back on the Samsung Theme Store…I’ve seen some really gorgeous themes there that I can’t really find anywhere else, as a lover of art this makes me sad!


I’m going to try to find an S6-theme when I get my S8 +