Grab the Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpapers here

The cat is out of the bag: The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are official, and they’re creating a lot of discussion on the internet. With those Infinity displays and the beautiful design, Samsung’s new flagships are a striking evolution of what the company started with the Galaxy S6 edge. But before we digress, let’s come to the reason why you clicked on this article: the official wallpapers from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

There are 12 wallpapers in total, and unlike recent Galaxy flagships, Samsung has gone for minimalism with most of the wallpaper options. The interesting ones show a dune against a backdrop of a group of stars, no doubt a nod to Samsung’s “galaxy” of smartphones. Each wallpaper is a high-resolution image (of 2960×2960 resolution), and you can grab the entire collection from our wallpaper archive here.

Like Samsung’s Galaxy S8′s wallpapers? Don’t like them? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our extensive coverage of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ (with much more to come).

Hat tip to Henk for providing us with the wallpapers. 

Galaxy S8 wallpaper (10)

Galaxy S8 wallpaper (2)

Galaxy S8 wallpaper (5)

Wallpapers 12
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28 days 1 hour ago

And true, I agree with Omaha4K, like the Galaxy Note 7 a true epic fail once again for Samsung!!

28 days 1 hour ago

They want you to pay $800 or so for their new flagship phone(the s8) but we get to choose from 12 extremely lame wallpapers to represent with…every one looking over your shoulder at your shiny new samsung will be saying the same thing, “samsung…seriously, this is what you came up with!?”

28 days 3 hours ago

oh brother… epic fail..

28 days 16 hours ago

Toooo bad wallpapers I never expected that samsung will make these fool wallpapers

29 days 4 hours ago

Try again :)

29 days 3 hours ago

Thanks for the fix!
And the green comment. Very obvious like that :)

29 days 4 hours ago

Thank you but can you please fix the archive? The wallpaper i want is corrupted :p

29 days 7 hours ago

archive file is broken…………….esp first two wallpapers are broken

29 days 7 hours ago

There is CRC error in zip package resulting in first two wallpapers to be broken!!

Asaduzzaman Abir
29 days 21 hours ago

Thanks a lot SamMobile! Waited so long for this! <3

29 days 22 hours ago

I love how you guys are archiving Samsung’s devices and software. This is so helpful.

29 days 22 hours ago

Thank you for your kind words!