The Galaxy S8 reminds you to clean greasy fingerprints off its camera lens

It looks like Samsung’s aware of how badly-positioned the fingerprint scanner is on the recently-announced Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, as it’s programmed a reminder into the camera application reminding you to clean the camera lens.

A clean lens makes for better shots. Clean your camera lens to keep taking better pictures.

Granted, the pop-up alert doesn’t explicitly say anything about the fingerprint sensor — but it’s clear that’s what it’s about. After all, it’ll only appear when you activate fingerprint authentication and register at least one fingerprint.

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We should probably note, however, that you won’t see the alert every time you use the camera. It’ll strut its stuff the first time, then (fortunately) every once in a while after that.


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This is probably the most obvious comment…. but if they knew the position was so bad, why the hell did they put it there!?!?!?! This is actually the main design flaw that will keep me from buying it. I’m sorry, but iris and face recognition were horrible on the Note 7, so the fingerprint is the only thing I trust. They get on apple for taking away a headphone jack, but they do something this stupid… it just makes no sense!


I think the problem is that there isn’t a better position left. 1) They could have kept it on the front, but then the new design with the immersive display wouldn’t be possible. 2) the could have moved the camera up to the top edge like on iPhones, but a camera with f1.7 is a bit larger and that position can be very annoying when taking shots or videos in landscape orientation. You easily cover it with your fingers while holding the phone. 3) below, like in some huawei devices could be a problem because of samsung pay. That’s the… Read more »