Unlocked Galaxy smartphones will now receive monthly security updates in the US

One of the reasons why people buy a smartphone unlocked and off-contract is that they want to receive firmware updates quickly since mobile carriers tend to delay updates because of the tests they run. Unlocked units also don’t have all of the bloatware that you find on carrier versions. However, many who own unlocked Galaxy smartphones in the United States have been left feeling that they’ve been handed the short end of the stick.

Take the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge for example. Unlocked variants of both handsets were released in the United States but they last received an update in December 2016 and are still on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow while almost all major carriers in the United States has already released Android 7.0 Nougat for the 2016 flagships. Carriers have even moved on to rolling out Nougat for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge in Europe.

Jason Cipriani over at ZDNet reached out to Samsung for clarification on the company’s approach to security updates for unlocked devices in the United States. While apologizing for the inconvenience, Samsung explained that due to “various circumstances,” it has been releasing security updates for unlocked Galaxy devices in the country on a quarterly basis.

The company adds that it has now “resolved the challenges” and is now committed to releasing security updates for unlocked devices on a monthly basis. Samsung is planning to release this month’s security update for unlocked handsets soon and wants users to rest assured that the update will have all security patches to date.



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Jaja Jaje
13 days 6 hours ago

i got a carrier j5 2015, gotta say its not just getting shat on unlocked devices. i saw for example j500f gets regular monthly updates. while european model usualy skips few months overall, some regions get updates more often some less. on my device i got an update which brought me to may security patch 2016 which i got ofc 1 month late, after that next update i got was marshmallow with august patch at end of september, and after that i got another update 2 weeks ago which got me to january patch, literally at the end of february, gotta say its shitty here too.

13 days 15 hours ago

Eu unlocked s7 … on December patch… they promised it with s7 too last year… monthly patches. Just don’t get your hopes up, marketing department sells you bs.

14 days 7 hours ago

Samsung’s definition of monthly is a peculiar thing. Must be something lost in the Korean translation.

14 days 2 hours ago

This made me laugh. The Korean language barrier is a good excuse for a lot of Samsung’s mistakes. Its better than the silence they give their customers.

14 days 8 hours ago

Lol! Samsung really are habitual liars, their products are great but after care and support is a joke. The unlocked S6 edge+ was last to get the official Marshmallow update because my carrier was too slow on my last Galaxy! Then the carriers started getting them first. It’s ridiculous. I’m currently on January and no Nougat in sight.

14 days 2 hours ago

Exactly! This and the shitty update support annoys me. Also different devices by regions pisses me off. I don’t want to import a device with no warranty just to get a superior model of a phone

14 days 8 hours ago

I’m not holding my breath.

14 days 9 hours ago

What about us, in the EU? Or the rest of the world?
See, this is my point.
Samsung said im sorry and then come with some BS like this. What about last time you said sorry, for slow updates?
Its a high end phone and a lot of business people use it. We are alot who are online with bank transfears, paypal, nfc payment etc etc. And thats why its so freaking importent to have fast and steady security patch updates….

Shame on YOU, Sh!tsung…

Martin DAYI
12 days 1 hour ago

If security is your top priority then go for iOS or Balckberry. Monthly update will not save you even 85% from seriıus hackers.

14 days 5 hours ago

EU is already receiving monthly Updates. Since March last year i have gotten nearly every security Patch, except for one or two.

13 days 21 hours ago

Well, i don t know where you got your phone from og what software. But the UK BTU misses 5 security updates.
Pleace research befor you claim its all alright in EU ;)
Its NOT!

13 days 21 hours ago

Well, look here. They miss 4 months ( 5 with Feb 2017 security patch ). So i dont know where you got your phone from. But its not an UK BTU.

13 days 21 hours ago

I’ve got the S6. I was getting regularly patches until they started preparing Nougat. That’s not the way to do security patches. Samsung is a multi-billion corporation, not a bunch of geeks in a basement doing thing out of the love of their hearts. They need to get security right.

14 days 8 hours ago

My European unlocked Note 4 gets monthly security updates. Currently on the Feb security patch.

14 days 10 hours ago

Still android 6.0.1 ( s7 edge iraq firmware )

14 days 11 hours ago

I’ll believe it when I see it happen for consecutive months.
Rumor mill has the security patch coming “soon” with the Nougat update in the first week of April..
Again, I’ll believe it when I see it…
S7 G930U