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Over 70 new games are coming for the new Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Samsung unveiled the new Gear VR with Controller at its MWC press conference yesterday. The wireless controller, which has been developed in collaboration with Oculus, makes it very convenient for users to experience VR apps, games, and content. Oculus has now announced that over 70 gaming titles will soon be released for the new Gear VR with Controller.

All these 70 games, most of which are already in the development phase, will be compatible with the new wireless controller. Naturally, all the 550+ apps and games that are already available for the Gear VR will be compatible with the new controller as well. The company announced that it would open up the Gear VR Controller SDK to all developers in a few weeks.

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Great that it comes in the box in this, 3rd(?) generation VR headset. Recently tried on the original VR that I got when the S6 edge+ was released and it would be nice if it had a wider viewing angles. Hopefully the new one will be 120 degree at least