Samsung to bundle AKG earphones in the box of the Galaxy S8

During its MWC 2017 event, Samsung announced that it’ll be bundling a pair of AKG earphones in the box of its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. This news came shortly after the firm revealed that it will be bringing AKG-tuned audio to future Galaxy smartphones.

For those unaware, Samsung recently acquired Harman International Industries for an estimated $112 per share, and seeing as AKG falls under its umbrella, it has the resources required to integrate the audio specialist’s technology into its devices and offer its products as accessories.

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3 months 28 days ago

I’m using Apple’s earphones because I cant use those that you somehow stick into your ear hole.

3 months 29 days ago

Make em wireless earbuds and I’m down.

I hate untangling wired earbuds while walking. Not forgetting to mention the weather “Winter” that sometimes goes below -5°C. And untangling wires with gloves is barely possible.

3 months 29 days ago

My three year old Samsung earphones still work… They must be the most durable earphones I’ve ever used. Hope the AKG hold up as well.

Darin Ridgeway
3 months 24 days ago

I finally pulled my s7 earbuds out of the box last week after my s5 earbuds got chewed by the dog. Before those I was using s4 earbuds. I think I prefer the older style but the new ones aren’t bad and just as durable. I don’t use them except at home, but they are fine for my use.

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