Themes Thursday: Look at our selection of this week’s best themes

Welcome to Themes Thursday. We’ve selected six new themes from this week, ranging from darker to brighter ones. The [Anup] Neel Black UI is a darker theme pack with black backgrounds in the dialer and other stock apps, which will help in conserving battery life.

The [Very] Polar Bear and amusementpark_wheelee – THE NEW themes have brighter backgrounds with very cute looking icons and backgrounds. The Dark Matter theme would please those who like Material UI design language. The Popcorn In Blue (Live) theme is quite pleasing too.

Did you check out nine premium themes that went free for a limited time? Also, do let us know your favorite new themes.

[Anup] Neel Black UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Anup] Neel Black UI

Samsung Galaxy Theme - [LINCEDECO] Rainy Day

[Very] polar bear
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Very] polar bear

amusementpark_wheelee – THENEW
Samsung Galaxy Theme - amusementpark_wheelee - THENEW

Dark Matter
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Dark Matter

Popcorn In Blue (Live)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Popcorn In Blue (Live)


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is it just me? or is the dark matter theme shown here missing in your theme store?


Since nougat I have a problem with the themes… Most of them(including those in the article) have a issue. When I swipe on the home screen to the last left home page, it refreshes the screen so the widgets and the icond dissappears and pop up again.quite annoying… Is it only me?