Nougat firmware for T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge now available online

T-Mobile’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge started receiving the Nougat update earlier today on devices that were running the beta, and it seems everyone else will also be seeing the update on their handsets soon. The full Android 7.0 Nougat firmware for the S7 and S7 edge on T-Mobile are now available from our firmware database, and they should also be showing up on Samsung’s Smart Switch program for PCs.

The firmware version for both handsets is UVU4BQB1; as we mentioned in our previous post, the update brings the February 1 security patch in addition to all the features included in Nougat. If you aren’t willing to wait for the update to arrive on your handset, you can download the firmware from our database and upgrade manually. It remains to be seen when the other major carriers in the US will start rolling out Nougat, but they will hopefully catch up soon now that T-Mobile has got the ball rolling.

Firmware Details:

Model SM-G930T
Model name Galaxy S7
Country USA (T-Mobile)
Version Android 7
Changelist 10376601
Build date Thu, 02 Feb 2017 10:45:04 +0000
Security Patch Level 2017-02-01
Product code TMB


Model SM-G935T
Model name
Country USA (T-Mobile)
Version Android 7
Changelist 10376601
Build date Thu, 02 Feb 2017 10:46:21 +0000
Security Patch Level 2017-02-01
Product code TMB

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Jossue Rivera
7 days 12 hours ago

My battery has gone to hell after this update. I need to charge it maybe three times a day or more now with moderate use. Hopefully 7.1 is coming soon to fix this

9 days 8 hours ago

when will Nougat update come for my SM-G930T1 Metro pcs?

9 days 14 hours ago

Dear sammobile,
When update nougat for asia ( indonesia ) ?

Danny Young
9 days 16 hours ago

I downloaded the update last night. The software runs smooth on my 7 Edge but it does drain battery a lot quicker like some reports said it would.

Hopefully they send out a fix for this quickly.

9 days 18 hours ago

When is version 7.0 for Latin America? We have still been waiting since January! /// Hello friends … can we still use the fast charging option even if I buy an OtterBox protector for Galaxy S7? I say because it is very thick and I do not think I can make the connection of this load … help me?

9 days 22 hours ago

When is The german tmobile Version ready?

10 days 10 hours ago

fails on install

10 days 11 hours ago

htc 10 europe release update nougat

damm samsung is the last one even galaxy tab s3 have nougat


10 days 14 hours ago

my phone still 1 december patch
bad samsung.

10 days 15 hours ago

Just downloaded it

10 days 17 hours ago

Iran iran iran iran iran please

cerioni fabio
10 days 18 hours ago

che pena che fa’ Samsung…rilascio firmware a caso

10 days 19 hours ago

Im downloading it now thru the phones update system…. wish me luck!!

10 days 19 hours ago

I have 2 S7 Edges one on the beta and one not, both are downloading the update…

10 days 20 hours ago

france xef ?? s7

10 days 19 hours ago

2020 july 19 they will release it dont worry

Paing Oo Kyaw
10 days 20 hours ago

How about SM-G9350? When can i get update?

10 days 21 hours ago

I’m not a beta user and the new firmware is being downloaded in my s7 edge right now….

10 days 21 hours ago

next patch next year !

10 days 19 hours ago

Iran will update when Android 7
Now, two months after an update has not come to any Android Samsung S-7 was updated 7 Who Iran

10 days 17 hours ago

Iran iran iran iran iran please