Samsung also being sued over the Galaxy Note 7 by customers in South Korea

The dust is finally settling on the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle and now we’re seeing lawsuits being filed against Samsung by customers who are affected by this ill-fated smartphone. The first class-action lawsuit has been filed by customers in the United States in which the company has been accused of both fraud and breach of warranty and good faith. Customers in its home market are taking a similar step. 38 Galaxy Note 7 owners will soon file a class-action lawsuit against Samsung Electronics for inconvenience.

The law firm tells local news outlets that the lawsuit will be filed at the Seoul Central District Court on October 24. Each person named in the suit is seeking 300,000 won ($266) in damages. The lawsuit alleges that Galaxy Note 7 owners were forced to visit stores multiple times for battery checks or replacements and that they repeatedly suffered anxiety over safety when using the fire-prone flagship. Koh Young-il, an attorney at the Harvest Law office, said that he expects the firm to win this class-action lawsuit given precedents for faulty products. Samsung is yet to comment on the matter.

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