Samsung’s $120 million patent dispute victory against Apple overturned in latter’s favor

Earlier this year in February, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C. overturned a jury verdict which imposed $120 million in damages on Samsung for infringing on Apple’s slide-to-unlock and quick links patent. The court also ruled that those patents were invalid and it even found Apple liable for infringing on one of Samsung’s patents. This was chalked up as Samsung’s victory in one of two patent lawsuits it’s fighting with Apple, the other one initially imposed $1 billion in damages on Samsung but that lawsuit is now being taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court. The $120 million Samsung victory has now been overturned in Apple’s favor.

A federal appeals court ruled today that Samsung infringed on Apple’s slide-to-unlock and quick links patent. It upheld the initial verdict and remarked that the three judges who overturned it in Samsung’s favor considered information which wasn’t introduced in trial and ruled on issues that were never brought up in the appeal. “We conclude that the jury verdict on each issue is supported by substantial evidence in the record,” the federal appeals court ruled, adding that the district court’s award of costs now stands reinstated.

The appeals court has also maintained the ruling against Apple which found that it had infringed on Samsung’s photo and video gallery patent. Apple now has to pay $158,400 in damages to Samsung. The court has also sent one issue back to the initial court or reassessment, a move which might increase the damages award against Samsung. Both companies have yet to issue a statement on this latest development.


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