Second MediaTek executive names Samsung as “partner”

As we reported six months ago, the Korean giant has been testing out MediaTek’s Helio X20 and X25 processors in the Galaxy S7, a sign that Samsung is considering using the chipset maker’s processors in not just low-end handsets but even premium ones, but information in recent days has made it apparent that Samsung’s testing several months ago wasn’t just a random act. According to a MediaTek representative last week, Samsung is a customer — thereby rendering MediaTek silent on the Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle. Well, today, a new report has surfaced showing that, once again, Samsung and MediaTek are linked.

A second MediaTek executive has outed Samsung as the company’s partner in a Romanian launch event around the Allview P9 Energy, in which the representative said “We cannot provide information about products that have not yet been announced by our partners.” This statement itself implies that Samsung is a “partner,” which is a second confirmation of Samsung and MediaTek’s work relationship (if the first MediaTek rep’s quote didn’t give it away).

We don’t know why Samsung and MediaTek are partnering together, but we can safely presume that it has to do with MediaTek’s processors since Samsung seems to have an interest in testing their performance in high-end handsets (though we wouldn’t rule out low-end handsets as well). With that said, Samsung never strikes a partnership deal without reason. Watching to see just what comes about because of it makes for interesting times ahead.

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If they use mediatek so why s7 got Samsung exynos chip? That is way better them mediatek and Qualcomm