Verizon’s latest Galaxy Note 7 update flashes a warning on unsafe handsets

Verizon is sending out a new software update for the Galaxy Note 7 today. Software version MMB29M.N930VVRS2APHE is a very important update for the Galaxy Note 7 as it adds the green battery indicator to Galaxy Note 7 units that have a safe battery to reassure users that the unit they have isn’t going to explode unexpectedly. “Your Note7 is ok to use if the battery level indicator in the top right corner of the home screen is green,” the carrier writes in the changelog for this update.

This update is also for all Galaxy Note 7 units with unsafe batteries. If the battery level indicator remains white after the update, users should immediately know that they have an unsafe unit. A warning will be flashed on the display which urges users to stop using their unit and power it down as “the battery may overheat.” Samsung has provided 500,000 units of the safe Galaxy Note 7 to its partners in the United States and Verizon happens to be one of them. If you still haven’t participated in the Galaxy Note 7 exchange program it’s imperative that you do so for your own safety.



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