Samsung will launch premium home appliances under the Dacor brand

Samsung confirmed last month that it had acquired luxury home appliance company Dacor. The California-based company is best known for its professional-quality cooking ranges for homes as well as its in-home ventilation hoods. Samsung didn’t immediately reveal why it had decided to acquire Dacor. It was initially said that following the completion of this acquisition Dacor would instantly start operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America while maintaining its corporate identity and brand. Dacor will continue its US-based manufacturing operations as well. However, the purpose was made clear at IFA 2016 where a company official reveal precisely what Samsung is planning on doing with its latest purchase.

President of Samsung’s consumer electronics business Yoon Boo-keun told reporters at IFA 2016 that Samsung is going to launch new premium home appliances under the Dacor brand. This acquisition will help Samsung expand its presence in the ultra-premium home appliances market in the United States. It was also confirmed that premium appliances launched under the Dacor brand will also be released in Europe.


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